The University of Notre Dame, College of Science, and Department of Biological Sciences gratefully acknowledge the following major contributors to the material and organization of the natural history collections of the Museum of Biodiversity:

  • William A. Antopol, M.D., deceased – William A. Antopol Microscope Collection
  • Argonne National Laboratory – Herbarium and Insect Collection
  • William J. Berry, deceased, ND Class of 1981, M.S. 1983 – Insect Collection
  • Caitlin Brown, ND Class of 2010 – Vertebrate Collection, Museum Display
  • George B. Craig, Jr., deceased, former Clark Professor, Department of Biological Sciences – Arthropod Collection
  • John G. Duman, Gillen Professor and former Chair, Department of Biological Sciences – Vertebrate Collections
  • William E. Evans, deceased, former Visiting Professor, Department of Biological Sciences and American Midland Naturalist Editor – Marine Mammal Collection
  • Karen E. Francl, ND Class of 1997, Assistant Director, University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center (UNDERC) – Vertebrate Collections
  • D. Allan Gavan, ND Class of 1950 – Mammal and Bird Collections
  • Claire C. Gordon, Ph.D. and Martha Gordon – Robert E. Gordon Undergraduate Research Support Fund
  • Robert E. Gordon, deceased, former Biological Sciences Chair and Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research – Vertebrate Collections
  • Adam Marsh, ND Class of 2011 – Vertebrate and Fossil Collections
  • James D. McCormick, M.D. and Suzanne C. McCormick – Replica Rara Microscope Collection, antique microscope slides, insects, and glass sponge display
  • Scott Namestnik – Herbarium volunteer
  • John G. Passarelli, M.D. and Family – Museum Display Room
  • Edna A. Perez-Koury, M.D., M.P.H., M.P.A. – Herbarium
  • J. Keith Rigby, Jr., deceased, and Susan Rigby – Fossil collection
  • Jack and Laura B. Smith, Jr. – Arthropod Collection
  • James T. Vargo, Mishawaka, Indiana – Insect Collection (especially Lepidoptera)
  • Paul P. Weinstein, Professor Emeritus and former Chair, deceased, Department of Biological Sciences – Parasite Collection
  • Victor Riemenschneider, Professor Emeritus of Biology at IUSB, deceased – Herbarium

Matt Frazier, Media Projects Coordinator for the Department of Biological Sciences, was instrumental in the development of this web site.