Wiliam A. Antipol Antique Microscope Collections

Antopol Microscope DisplayAntopol Microscope Display

The 13 microscopes in this collection, with the exception of the Leeuwenhoek replica, all are authentic instruments, manufactured between 1740 and 1900. They were collected personally by Dr. Antopol over his lifetime and bequeathed to Notre Dame at his death. In addition to his duties as Chief of Laboratories at Beth Israel Hospital, New York, and Professor of Pathology at Mount Sinai Medical School, Dr. Antopol was for eleven years an active member of the Lobund Laboratories Advisory Board at Notre Dame.

Also included in the display are two microscopes of historic interest to Notre Dame, that of James A. Reyniers (1908-1967), founder and for thirty years Director of the Lobund Laboratory for Germfree Life Research, and that of Father John A. Zahm, C.S.C (1851-1922), early builder of the College of Science at Notre Dame, and champion of the compatibility of evolution and Catholic teaching.

Mbimg 28dJ. Arthur Reyniers (1908-1967) with his microscope

Mbimg 28eSchűtz-Cassel microscope used by Fr. John Zahm, C.S.C.