Classroom Support

The Museum provides specimens and other materials for use in classes held in Jordan Hall of Science classrooms. Instructors are responsible for the proper care and timely return of museum materials loaned for class use.  Borrowed museum materials may not be removed from Jordan Hall. Dissection of museum specimens or any activity that might result in damage to specimens is prohibited.

The museum supports classes from all Colleges and Departments within the University, including class tours and the development of instructional materials and resources.  Please contact the Curator to discuss your course needs.

Mbimg 65Specimens for Vertebrate Biology course show the evolution of the amphibian body plan.

Mbimg 20Some specimens used for study by students in the Mammalogy course laboratory.

Museum materialsMuseum materials for Marine Biology course.

Mbimg 73Evolution Laboratory course bird evolution display materials

Mbimg 79cMuseum materials for course in History and Philosophy of Science program taught by Professor Philip Sloan

Mbimg 64dDisplay material for Professor Robert Goulding’s Program in Liberal Studies class “Fundamental Concepts of Natural Science.”

Mbimg 72Chordate Evolution Display